Entry Criteria and Costs

Entry Criteria

The first step to enrolment is to phone the school office 03 755 6133.  As a Catholic Integrated School, the school's Integration Agreement stipulates a dual enrolment system: Preference (where students of their families have an established connection with the Catholic Church) and Non Preference (where there is no such connection).

Preference Entry

To gain Preference entry to our school you must meet one of the following criteria, set down by the NZ Catholic Bishops:5.1 Your child is a baptised Catholic5.2 Your child has a sibling who is a baptised Catholic5.3 Your child has a parent who is baptised Catholic5.4 Your child has a significant family member who is a member of our local parish5.5 Your child is preparing for baptism into the Catholic FaithIt is the Parish Priest who grants Preference entry. Appointments to meet with our Parish Priest can be made through the parish office.

Non Preference Entry

Our Integration Agreement with the Government allows us to have 5% of our roll as Non Preference enrolments. This means we are allowed to have 9 students on our roll who do not have links to the Catholic Faith.Non Preference families are still expected to uphold and support our school's special Catholic character.


As a State Integrated school, we are partly funded by the Government and partly funded by the Diocese.  The Diocese charges an 'attendance due.'  These are fees (not donations charged by the Diocese to assist with the upkeep of buildings and the support of our special Catholic Character.The attendance dues rate for 2024 is $430 (plus GST) per annum, Catholic Special Character Contribution $60.00 per annum; and are paid directly to the Diocese.As a school we have opted in to the Government's Donation Scheme which means that we do not ask for donations, except for overnight camps.